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Tempo Design Services Pte Ltd has accrued over 20 years of experience in advertising design, guaranteed to optimise the promotional aesthetics and marketing appeal of your showcased products.

With the current fast-paced technological age, it is necessary to edge out the competition by employing digital point of sale materials to deal that winning pitch.

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Benefits of a Good Digital POSM (Point of Sale Materials)


Do away with traditional static mediums such as posters, buntings and visual displays for a greater promotional draw. With digital images, informatics and videos, there is an improved probability of drawing attention via sight and sound.


With a well-established digital POSM solution, one can set an ongoing loop of advertisements for their promotional products, reducing manpower cost of sales efforts. Build a strong customised message that does the selling for you with less hassle.


Enjoy the freedom to plan, create and edit your unique content through logos, icons, patterns and film to deliver the winning campaign without fretting over any mess.

Why Choose Tempo Design Services Pte Ltd?



Tempo Design Services Pte Ltd has collaborated with an array of renowned brands such as Neutrogena, Watsons and Dettol. We take pride in the presentation of our promotional designs and believe in preparing nothing but quality POSM for our valued clients.



Our Company provides a wide range of promotional services including but not limited to Gondolas, 13 Bays Displays, side stands, entrance arches. We offer the ideal solution that fits your ongoing campaign for best results.



Established with over two decades of experience, the team at Tempo Design Services Pte Ltd is equipped with the skills and expertise in providing the right marketing tool for your business needs.


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